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Mayweather family back together -- for now

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In a story that I genuinely hope has a happy ending instead of the on-again, off-again stuff that has been reported for years now, it looks like all the Mayweather men (well, sans forgotten Jeff Mayweather) are back together.

T.K. Stewart reports that Floyd Sr., Roger and Floyd Jr. are working together on Floyd's July 18 fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

The trio were together in a loose sense for Mayweather's 2007 fight with Oscar de la Hoya, if you'll recall. The elder Floyd was shown in camp on "24/7" leading up to the bout, but was not officially working for his son. He had recently been training Oscar, but refused to train him to fight his son. The next year, before the rematch was met with lukewarm anticipation and Jr. retired, Floyd Sr. was on board to train Oscar to take on his son in a second go-'round.

On the most recent "24/7," Big Floyd expressed his desire for the family to get back together, to "love each other" and let go of all the past beefs, whatever they may be. He spoke highly of his son, and Roger even made an appearance on the show, bringing a fighter in to spar with Ricky Hatton.

The Mayweathers are, in many ways, boxing royalty. Jr. is arguably still the best fighter in the world, and both Sr. and Roger are regarded as top trainers. Big Floyd says he and his son started working things out right after the Hatton fight, and have been working together some. It appears for now that Roger will remain in the lead trainer position.

But realistically, you can't not note that we're talking about three massive egos that have clashed very hard in the past. I really hope they work together, it turns out great (win or lose against Marquez), and everyone gets along and loves each other and one of boxing's "dysfunctional families" garners a new reputation. What are the odds, though?