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Thursday Afternoon Rumors - Williams-Dzinziruk, Campbell-Bradley and more

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Nate Campbell is looking for bigger and better things, while Juan Diaz is hoping to get back on track.
Nate Campbell is looking for bigger and better things, while Juan Diaz is hoping to get back on track.
  • According to one of Nate Campbell's promoters, Campbell and unified light welterweight beltholder Timothy Bradley are in discussions for their next fight.  Nothing seems to be going too right for either of these guys, but this could be a great battle for both of them.  Campbell still hasn't really cashed in on his victory over Juan Diaz (he didn't get paid for the bout where Joan Guzman failed to make weight, and he was stripped before his fight with Funeka for failing to make weight himself), and Bradley's probably looking for a decent payday, especially since he's in the top 3 at 140 but the two guys in front of him are likely out of reach. Michael Marley suggests that Campbell should still make a match at 140 with Guzman, who still needs a dance partner.  I can certainly understand why Campbell wouldn't be amenable to that, and Marley is usually someone with ulterior motives, though the matchup does still intrigue me if it can ever happen.    Campbell is ranked in the top 5 at 140 by all four sanctioning bodies, so one way or the other he should be getting a title fight soon. 
  • There was some talk that Juan Diaz might be the opponent for Joan Guzman, but he rejected their offer and will likely be taking his next fight against Rolando Reyes.  Reyes recently upset Julio Diaz on the Lightweight Lightning card, and considering Diaz's recent run of fights, this seems like a perfectly acceptable tune-up type fight before he takes on another big opponent.  While Diaz is very young, he's also been in several wars and is looking to head to law school, so don't be too surprised if he makes one or two more runs at a title and calls it a day.  With his style and size, he probably won't be able to be effective once he needs to move up to light welterweight. 
  • Paul Williams is complaining that he STILL can't get anyone to fight him, and may look to enforce his mandatory against Sergiy Dzinziruk.  Dzinziruk is a very good and very dangerous fighter who just happens to have never fought in the US.  He's also a quick southpaw counterpuncher, and Williams has struggled with that look in the past.  Dzinziruk has beaten big southpaw Daniel Santos, so Williams wouldn't be a completely different look for him, although someone with his length and workrate is bound to give just about anyone serious trouble.
  • Andre Ward is targeting a belt by the end of the year, and Dan Goosen wants him to go after WBO titlist Karoly Balzsay.  Ward is ranked as the #2 contender for the WBO.  Standing in his way - Andre Dirrell.  A Ward-Dirrell matchup might not be quite ripe yet, so I have my doubts that Ward's buddy Dirrell will step aside to give Ward the opportunity.  Based on what little I've seen of Balzsay, he seems tailor made for Ward, and probably only has a puncher's chance against Dirrell. 
  • Congratulations to Sergio Martinez, who is now officially a paper titlist.  Vernon Forrest was finally officially stripped.  It would have been nice to see a fight between the two come off, but oh well.  Hopefully Martinez can get some other exciting fights set up.  There are more than enough up and comers in the division that some good fights could be made; hopefully, everyone else won't avoid him and DiBella won't have him face a bunch of washed up names instead of facing the real meat of the division.  Forrest is still going to be Martinez's mandatory if Forrest gets healthy and decides to make the fight.  He's indicated that he wants to take at least one tune up before facing Martinez, if he does at all.