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Friday Morning Notes: Bradley-Guzman is a no-go

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WBO junior welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley won't be facing Joan Guzman in August, despite previous reports that the bout was in the works.
WBO junior welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley won't be facing Joan Guzman in August, despite previous reports that the bout was in the works.
  • It looked like a pretty decent fight on paper, but a potential clash between junior welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley and former 130-pound titleholder Joan Guzman is not going to happen. Rick Reeno of reports that the WBO turned it down, and Gary Shaw (Bradley's promoter) told that he never offered the fight to Guzman, which is probably a fabrication.
  • Vicente Escobedo stopped super-faded veteran Kevin Kelley in the second round last night in Sacramento. Escobedo (21-1, 13 KO) knocked Kelley down twice in the round before referee Jon Schorle put a stop to it. 41-year old Kelley (60-10-2, 39 KO) was knocked out for the sixth time in his career. He's probably best remembered for his four-round KO loss in 1997 to Prince Naseem Hamed, which I heartily recommend to anyone that's never seen it. I'd also heartily recommend Kelley stop fighting. He has a huge heart, but he's been finished for years as a competitive fighter.
  • For anyone that cares (all eight of you near Pittsburgh with short memories), Paul Spadafora is returning again.
  • Good/bad news: Israel Vazquez is hoping to fight either Juan Manuel Lopez or -- for a fourth time -- Rafael Marquez at 126 pounds when he returns. If Marquez wins his May 23 fight, Vazquez says he'd like to fight him again in November or December. It does seem clear that he intends to return at 126, which would vacate his 122-pound lineal championship. It is what it is -- he knows his body, and thinks he has to move up.
  • Count Floyd Mayweather Jr. among the many that think Ricky Hatton should retire. Mayweather also says, "I won't fight him again, even at Wembley," which seems to indicate that there's no amount of money that could get him to fight Hatton once more. When Floyd turns it down a notch, he can be a genuine guy, and he's shown post-fight respect to most everyone he's ever fought. I think he's probably just being real (which is 50-50 with him).

The following are all notes from Dan Rafael's weekly must-read Notebook at

  • Juan Diaz was considered for the Mayweather-Marquez undercard, but Golden Boy decided to forego that and put him on the August 22 Boxing After Dark. Recent rumors have him facing Rolando Reyes. Robert Guerrero and one of Vicente Escobedo and Daniel Jacobs will also be on that 8/22 card, giving everyone an easy alternative to Jones-Lacy.
  • Jorge Arce's first fight with Nacho Beristain as his trainer will take place in Mexico on June 20.
  • Former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski's pro boxing debut is supposedly still on for June 27, but he's fighting Brett Rogers at Strikeforce on June 6, so we'll see. That's no easy fight for Arlovski.
  • GOOD NEWS: Heavyweight Hugging has been pushed back, but not yet canceled! The plan is still to headline with James Toney-Sergei Liakhovich, and Samuel Peter would waddle around somewhere on the undercard.
  • In case you missed the FanShot a couple posts down, Zab Judah will be facing Matthew Hatton on July 18. My initial reaction was kind of, y'know, "Ugh," but the more I think about it, whatever. Zab Judah lost to Carlos Baldomir.