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TV and Internet Fight Schedule - Weekend of May 29

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Valuev has the Axe effect.  Too bad it doesn't carry over into the ring.  <a href="">Photo by Oleg Zotov.  </a>
Valuev has the Axe effect. Too bad it doesn't carry over into the ring. Photo by Oleg Zotov.

After a weekend where there were no televised title fights in the US, followed by a week where there were three major foreign fights during the middle of the week (Anthony Mundine beat Daniel Geale, and Daisuke Naito and Denkaosan Kaovichit both successfully defended titles), we get another light week where there's only one card that's officially televised in the US.

Friday, May 29

Sky Sports, Superchannel, 4:00 p.m. Eastern, Darren Sutherland vs. the almighty TBA, Gary Sykes vs. Anthony Crolla, and, somehow fighting for a BBoC title, 12-13 Chris Edwards vs. 5-1 Usmain Ahmed.

Saturday, May 30 and Setanta UK, 4:00 p.m. Eastern, Ruslan Chagaev vs. Nicolai Valuev, Leonard Bundu vs. Frank Shabani, Giuseppe Lauri vs. Juho Toppola.  Lamon Brewster and Kali Meehan also have stay-busy fights, but I doubt they'll be televised.  Note to the programmers at Setanta - I might actually subscribe if you ever showed the boxing on Setanta US.  Instead, we get a rerun of a soccer game. (Card cancelled)

HBO, 9:45 pm Eastern, Andre Berto vs. Juan Urango; Alfredo Angulo vs. Kermit Cintron.  BLH will be providing round by round coverage.

In Spain, Luis Garcia, one of Gary Hyde's Cubans, was all set to take on 17-2 Gabriel Campillo, the current EU middleweight champion; however, Garcia's nerves seem to have gotten the best of him, and he backed out of the fight.  It was a ballsy move by Hyde to try putting him with a top-level competitor that quickly, but it's unfortunate that Garcia pulled out.  I've heard raves about Garcia, who's more of a come-forward banger than many of his Cuban compatriots.

Silence Mabuza takes on Yohnny Perez in a rescheduled IBF eliminator. Mabuza's fights with Rafael Marquez were great, and it would be nice to see him fight in the US again eventually.

Near the top of the list of titlists who will never ever make it onto US TV, Oleydong Sithsamerchai takes on Muhammad Rachman in Thailand Friday morning.  Once again, if you can find a way to stream Thai Channel 7, it will be on there.

Yusef Mack also takes on illegitimate title challenger DeAndrey Abron on the untelevised Berto-Urango undercard.  Mean Joe Greene and Tor Hamer will also be fighting.

And if these offerings don't titilate you, there's always Wargods 5.