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Bad Left Hook featured on SportsCenter this morning

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I don't know if anyone watched SportsCenter this morning, but in their new "Blog Buzz" feature which looks at the most-blogged about stories in the sports world, Bad Left Hook was featured for Hatton-Pacquiao and quoted. Sage Steele read the quote. You can see the video if you look for "SportsCenter's Blog Buzz" at SportsCenter's site.

Obviously this is very cool for us and for SBN on the whole. I'm very flattered that we were chosen, and I want to thank not just the people at ESPN that chose us for the quote, but also everyone that comes to the site. This site started a few years ago as a passion thing for me; I wanted SBN to have a boxing blog. It did take me a while to get into a groove, so to speak, but I truly believe at this point that we are the best boxing blog online, and a lot of that is due to a great base of readers and commenters discussing the sport intelligently with one another.

So seriously: Thanks to everyone who made this a huge weekend for us, and for everyone who has made this blog so much fun for me to do.

A friend of mine actually managed to get the video of it. We both note this is copyright ESPN: