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Froch respectfully open to fighting Hopkins

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WBC super middleweight titleholder Carl Froch is interested in a potential fight with Bernard Hopkins. (via <a href=""></a>)
WBC super middleweight titleholder Carl Froch is interested in a potential fight with Bernard Hopkins. (via

Carl Froch told BBC Radio 5 (hat tip to that he is indeed open to the idea of fighting pound-for-pound living legend Bernard Hopkins. Usually a big talker, Froch was pretty reserved and respectful of Hopkins when discussing the potential bout:

"Would I consider fighting a guy like that? Yeah, I would look at that. If he's talking about it then we would definitely look at it if it could be done. I wouldn't want to give too much weight away to Hopkins. He's very experienced and he's very big and strong, but it's something I would be keen to do."

Froch sounds like he wouldn't want to go straight up to 175 for the fight, probably more interested in a catchweight, I'd guess something like 170, 172 at the very most. Hopkins fought both Kelly Pavlik and Winky Wright at an agreed-upon 170, so he likely can still shed that extra five pounds and be fine.

Froch has hopefully given up the ghost trying to call out Joe Calzaghe, who has shown zero interest. Hopkins is sort of the "next best thing," I'd say; Joe beat Bernard last year, but Bernard desired a rematch. If Froch fights Hopkins and scores the upset, that's huge for Froch's career. I dare say HBO wouldn't pass on the next Carl Froch fight should that happen.

They do have a common opponent, of course. Froch just scored that stunning comeback TKO of Jermain Taylor, who twice beat Hopkins by razor-thin margins at middleweight. Probably doesn't mean a whole lot considering you can argue Hopkins should have won both or one of those fights, but they do have that small connection.

I'd certainly be interested in the bout. What Froch lacks in pure natural, athletic ability and skill he makes up for in guts and spirit. Hopkins would be a massive challenge for him simply because Bernard is maybe the smartest fighter in the world, and he's also got a great chin. Froch's chance, on paper, would be a puncher's chance. But Hopkins has to get old sometime...doesn't he?

Any rumored Hopkins fight is just that until they actually have a press conference, though: It's a rumor. Nothing more, nothing less. They've both expressed some interest, but we haven't even gotten to Hopkins' specialty, which is the part where the fighters discuss money.