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Valero still itching for fight with Pacquiao, says he has an agreement

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Edwin Valero (left) says he's due a fight with P4P king Manny Pacquiao. (via <a href=""></a>)
Edwin Valero (left) says he's due a fight with P4P king Manny Pacquiao. (via

Edwin Valero, who moved up to lightweight and brutalized Antonio Pitalua in two rounds, says he has an agreement with promoter Bob Arum to fight Manny Pacquiao, though he doesn't expect it to be exercised soon:

"My fight with Manny Pacquiao is signed. It was one of the conditions that I gave my manager, Jose Castillo, for me to sign with Bob Arum. This is something that he has not revealed to the press because the fight is not mandatory, in case Pacquiao walks away. But that is the only way to avoid the fight, if he leaves boxing. So I am relaxed and working to build my name for my opportunity. It was something that was spoken about with Pacquiao and he said yes. That was in January."

Oh, good ol' Bob Arum. With no date, no mandatory, no nothin', Arum signed Valero with a condition he may as well have been making up. Pretty smooth, Bob.

Still, if Valero keeps knocking guys out, some real intrigue could be there for this one. As he said, he has to become a name, and hope Pacquiao goes on winning. Then you're looking at what could be a truly explosive matchup.

Also, if Manny agreed, I'm guessing Manny will honor it. He has yet to back down from a challenge, I don't see him starting now.