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Enzo Fires Enzo: Maccarinelli going with a new trainer

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Enzo Maccarinelli has fired trainer Enzo Calzaghe following a loss to Ola Afolabi in March, and will be working now with Karl Ince, a former fighter based now in Manchester.

ivisions emerged following his defeat to Ola Afolabi this March when it emerged that he had not sparred ahead of the contest.

With the legal dispute between the Calzaghes and Frank Warren, it seemed likely that he would have to leave one of the two, and it seems he has ultimately sided with his promoter.

Warren also noted that Maccarinelli may soon fight Denis Lebedev (17-0, 12 KO).

I think Enzo the trainer is a bit mouthy, a bit arrogant, and a bit annoying at times, but there's nothing more he could have done with Maccarinelli, really; Enzo has failed to make an elite fighter past his son because Enzo hasn't worked with guys who had the natural talent to become elite fighters. It's really that simple. Maccarinelli's chin will always be a problem, and all he can do to better himself in the ring is work with someone that improves his defense. He's got plenty of firepower on the other side of things.