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Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Craig McEwan v. Brian Vera

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Should be a good scrap in tonight's ESPN2 Friday Night Fights main event, which SSreporters will be covering round-by-round for your reading and discussing pleasure.

The main event pits middleweight prospect Craig McEwan (14-0, 9 KO) of Edinburgh, Scotland against rough and tumble Texan Brian Vera (16-2, 10 KO). McEwan, to be fair, was born in Edinburgh, but has lived in Hollywood for years and has fought exclusively in the States. Vera, an Austin resident and Forth Worth native, will have a serious home court advantage at Fort Worth's Sundance Square.

Vera has the advantage not just there, but in opposition faced. He was a "Contender" season two participant, but more importantly in 2008 he fought both Andy Lee (whom he upset on Friday Night Fights) and James Kirkland (and he got brutally destroyed in that one, but would not stay down). Vera can take some shots. We don't yet know how McEwan does with a guy as wild and willing to brawl as Vera. Should be interesting.

It's always hard to say what, exactly, will fill the ESPN2 undercard, but Adrien Broner, a great lightweight prospect, is on the bill. He's definitely someone to see.