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Pavlik-Mora off for June 27, Juan Manuel Lopez to fill in

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Kelly Pavlik's June 27th middleweight championship fight with Sergio Mora is off for the time being, with Pavlik suffering from staph infection in his hand.

The fight may be rescheduled for September, according to Top Rank president Todd duBoef.

Honestly? A welcome cancellation. I was debating with myself whether or not to pay for the Pavlik-Mora fight or just watch the HBO Boxing After Dark that night, which features Victor Ortiz v. Marcos Maidana and the rematch between Chris John and Rocky Juarez. It's unlikely that Top Rank can find a great opponent for Juan Manuel Lopez on this short notice. It's nice that they plan to keep the show and give Lopez the main event -- he deserves it -- but boxing fans are getting a small break here. There's almost nothing the Top Rank crew can come up with for Lopez that beats Boxing After Dark on June 27.