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Ray Mercer's KO of Tim Sylvia

Note just how much Sylvia really does look like a tree falling over. Timber!

If anyone rational wants to know my opinion of what this means in the great pretend war between MMA and boxing, it means absolutely nothing. Listen, I've never met Tim Sylvia. I genuinely assume he's a nice guy. But I have no idea what kind of mindset he has right now other than a guess that it's not very good. He came in over 300 pounds for this fight, which means he didn't train and didn't take this seriously, which is stupid. I know we all think the fight was a joke -- and it was, it should not have happened -- but he was going in there to do a job, a dangerous job, and he didn't prepare. His career is completely in shambles now.

I'm happy for Ray Mercer because I think he's a good dude, and I'm glad he got a payday and didn't get hurt or anything. I hope he doesn't think this means he's got a bright career left, because he's almost 50 years old. His career is over.

What we got was an old boxer knocking out a former UFC heavyweight champ that doesn't have a grip on his career anymore and is essentially left floating in space. I hope Tim Sylvia starts taking his career seriously now, and I hope Ray Mercer sees this as a nice final chapter and hangs up all sizes of gloves.

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