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Other Friday Results

  • Fernando_20beltran_20__20banner_medium Fernando Beltran Jr. UD12 Monte Meza-Clay.  The FNF main event was actually also a very entertaining fight, with both guys routinely throwing over 100 punches a round.  Of course, it was overshadowed by FOTY candidate Pascal-Diaconu.
  • "Mean" Joe Greene UD8 Delray Raines.  Raines reportedly held his own at some points, which means Greene is stagnating.  
  • Demetrius Andrade UD4 Tony Hirsch.  The US Olympian had an easy time against his 8-1 opponent.  Is it just me, or is anyone else reminded a bit of Emmanuel Augustus' drunken master style when watching Andrade?
  • Ricky Burns UD 12 Kevin O'Hara.  Reportedly, this was a good scrap as well.  Heck of a night of boxing.  O'Hara kept the pressure on Burns, but Burns was able to come through by landing the bigger pucnhes.
  • Alex Arthur TKO1 Mohamed Benbiou.  Arthur is finally back on the comeback trail after losing his title to Nicky Cook.

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