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Kelly Pavlik talks rehab rumors and Felix Sturm

Veteran boxing journalist Robert Morales spoke with Kelly Pavlik recently, and to say the middleweight champ was a bit miffed by the recent bunk rumors of his entering alcohol rehabilitation would be putting it mildly.

"The people here in Youngstown, there is one story and they want to run with it and turn it into every possible story. Did I stab someone? Did I shoot someone? I don't live in New York or Los Angeles, I live in Youngstown. The only name here is my name and if I s**t the wrong way, it hits the paper."


"People see me on dart night and say, 'Oh, he's drunk.' At the same time, what are you doing there? Don't judge me. I'm not a politician. I ain't gotta watch where I pee."

Pavlik also said that he has an idea where the rumors came from, but doesn't go into any detail, and seems more legitimately upset that it all put him into a negative light than anything. At the same time, overall he seems to be handling it quite well.

Pavlik and his father/co-manager Mike Pavlik also talked about a potential October fight with WBA middleweight titlist Felix Sturm, which would be by far the best middleweight title defense he's made and maybe even qualify as the best fighter he's faced thus far besides Bernard Hopkins. Sturm has a July date with Khoren Gevor that is no picnic, however, and a Pavlik-Sturm clash is a ways off if realistic at all. Sturm is Pavlik's desired opponent (perhaps because of Arthur Abraham's reported move up to 168), but he's itching to fight anyone.

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