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Was David Haye's injury fabricated?

If David Haye actually did injure his back, it probably wasn't from carrying around too many belts.
If David Haye actually did injure his back, it probably wasn't from carrying around too many belts.

As you may know, UK sports channel Setanta officially went out of business earlier in the week. Setanta was the network that had a contract with Frank Warren, among others, and thus Setanta going out of business leaves a huge hole in televised boxing coverage. But it may have left an even bigger hole in David Haye's pocket. Setanta was set to pay big bucks for the failed David Haye-Wladimir Klitschko matchup, and that was a large chunk of the money that David Haye was bringing to the table.

Now, Frank Warren, formerly David Haye's promoter, is claiming that David Haye wasn't actually injured at all, and that he pulled out of his fight because he wouldn't be making enough money without Setanta's backing. According to Warren, Haye asked Setanta to put down the money for the fight up front, and when they failed to do so, he pulled out of the match, knowing that bankruptcy was imminent. How exactly Warren has this information, I don't know, but it makes sense. Haye still hasn't officially released any doctor's report, nor has he had a doctor give a public report on his behalf. If his contract was done in a way so that Haye would get the UK money and Wladimir would get the German money, then Setanta's failure would have left him fighting for peanuts.

Of course, this has longer term ramifications than just canceling the Klitschko fight. Haye had a contract with Setanta generally, and the other UK channel that televises a significant amount of boxing, Sky Sports, has an exclusive contract with Mick Hennessy. With Vitali Klitschko now tied up in a fight with Nicolai Valuev, and Wladimir's mandatory against Povetkin due, Haye will need to find some other way to make money. He has been hoping to fight one of the Klitschkos, in no small part because they're the cash cows of the division, and because Haye is a threat to get knocked out by any big puncher out there.

Without Setanta, Haye will probably need HBO's backing in order to make significant coin on a fight. HBO, on the other hand, seems to have placed their chips on Cristobal Arreola. Haye-Arreola could be an explosive matchup, a true 50/50 fight between two aggressive offensive fighters. I'll stop short of saying that it would be a classic heavyweight fight, just because it's unlikely it would make it past 6 rounds, but it's almost certainly the best heavyweight fight that could be made right now. Note to HBO - make it happen. The ball is in your court.

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