Rumor: Freddie Roach to Train Ricky Hatton! [UPDATE]

From :

Los Angeles, CA- When it is announced in the coming weeks, you’ll be as surprised as I was upon learning that Freddie Roach, everybody’s 2008 trainer of the year, will train former world 140 lb. champ Ricky Hatton. That’s right! The man that trained Manny Pacquiao, who destroyed Hatton in two rounds a month ago for the world 140 lb. championship, he will now train the lad from Manchester, UK.


The elder Floyd Mayweather, the man who trained Hatton for Pacquiao, he appears to be out in the cold. Over the years Floyd Sr. has been his own worst enemy. Big mouth, acting a fool, still I respected him as a trainer. But much to my dismay, Floyd again failed to bring a fighter to another level. Didn’t do with Oscar, this before failing miserably with Hatton. Can you tell me of a fighter that Floyd’s guidance lifted to another level?

Personally, I think it's a good fit. Roach won't try to change Ricky into something he's not like Mayweather Sr. tried to.

Update: Well looks like the rumor of Roach training Ricky was simply that, a rumor. From Iron Boxing:

Boxing websites and forums are buzzing with activity regarding trainer extraordinaire, Freddie Roach, and whom he may be training next.

In a story carried by, but originally posted on, James Slater writes that Manny Pacquaio’s trainer, Freddie Roach, is set to become the newest instructor for Manchester, England’s Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton.

I spoke moments ago with Hatton’s manager, Paul Speak, on the matter and he said
“There is no truth in the rumor”.

Mr. Speak said that he was informed of the rumor this morning from a colleague named Craig Gibson. Gibson runs the official Ricky Hatton website and both thought the story should be corrected.

After talking with Paul Speak, I phoned Gareth Williams to confirm what Mr. Speak had told me.

Gareth Williams is the personal legal counsel to the former world champion, Ricky Hatton.

He empathically denied the tale of Roach training Hatton.

“This is just absolute nonsense. Whom are they attributing these resources to?”

Furthermore, he (Williams) echoed what Speak informed me of, that the return of “The Hitman” has not been cemented.

“He certainly has not approached Freddie Roach to train him because he hasn’t made any decisions as to whether or not he is even going to continue to fight.”

As a matter of fact, according to Speak, Hatton is on a family vacation and won’t return until early next week.

But fight fans should not anticipate an announcement regarding Hatton’s future so quickly after his return from the holiday.

“He is going to take a lot of time, maybe some weeks, possibly months, to decide what he will and wants to do with his future,” said Speak.

Looks like we're going to have to wait for an official statement from Ricky himself.

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