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Roy Jones Jr., Jeff Lacy hype "Hook City"

Roy Jones Jr. and Jeff Lacy: Hey, you can't say they're not having fun with the hype.
Roy Jones Jr. and Jeff Lacy: Hey, you can't say they're not having fun with the hype.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

OK, so the August 15 pay-per-view fight between Floridians Roy Jones Jr. and Jeff Lacy isn't the biggest, most exciting or more important fight on the schedule. Sure, Jones is washed up and Lacy hasn't looked good in years.

But they're going to meet in a crossroads fight, and they're working hard to hype it up. At a presser in Biloxi, Miss., Jones and Lacy discussed their upcoming battle and Jones even dressed up as Captain Hook for "Hook City."

Said Jones:

"As you know, when I come, I bring it like I bring it. See that guy there taking pictures (Tom Casino), he's called me ‘Captain Hook' for years. I thought about it and said, well, my left is like a hook. What can I say? I was chosen for the challenge. When you're challenged, it's simple. A lot of guys in boxing do a lot of talking, but when it's time they don't step up to the plate. Jeff Lacy said he wants to fight Roy Jones and we'll get it on.

"I have the best left hook in the game. Jeff Lacy has a very good hook. So, when you get a challenge like that, how can you say no? You can't, not where I come from. I don't know any decent person who could, straight up. Me and Roger (trainer Bloodworth) have a long history together. I've watched Jeff a long time, too. I love watching him fight because he is exciting. He has power in both hands. He was labeled with that nickname but he has a very good right hand, too. I'm looking forward to a wonderful night. I'll be in shape, fab and fit. One thing, it'll be a war going on out there. If you can't be at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, check it out on pay per view because it's going to be the battle of the hooks. Roy Jones, Jr., aka Captain Hook - the best hook in the business versus Jeff ‘Left Hook' Lacy, who thinks he has the best hook. We'll see."

From Lacy:

"I'd like to thank Roy Jones, Jr. for taking the challenge. I've always watched him. He's a great fighter. I'm glad to be one of the names on his roster. Too bad I'm going to be beating him. It still will be good to be on the roster.

"I've never been the type of person to do much talking. I do my talking in the ring. Come August 15th this fight is going to happen. Roy Jones agreed to it; I agreed to it. He's bringing his hook - calls himself ‘Captain Hook,' as you can see he's dressed up in a captain's uniform. I come as ‘Left Hook,' the original, and I'm going to show that. We're going to have a ‘Hook Night.'"

The fight will be available from iNDemand, TVN, DirecTV and Dish Network for $34.95. Featured on the undercard will be Danny Green (Jones' theoretical next opponent) against Julio Cesar Dominguez, plus cruiserweight contender BJ Flores. If you want to go live in Biloxi, tickets are on sale from $25-$150.

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