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Some Random Rumors

Sweet as sugar?  Bonsu will be facing Aydin in a battle between two knockout artists.
Sweet as sugar? Bonsu will be facing Aydin in a battle between two knockout artists.

Some news and notes from around the boxing world this week...

  • According to BoxingScene, Jorge Linares is calling out Humberto Soto.  It would be a great step-up fight if it were to happen, but I can't help but feel that Linares still hasn't built up enough of a name to make this a decent money fight.  I have to imagine that Soto would be game either way, as I've never seen him back down from anyone, but Arum might prefer to save him for a fight with someone in the Top Rank stable.  The fight wouldn't be until early next year, and if it does happen, there's a decent chance it could create a new lineage.
  • In a battle that could create a legitimate welterweight contender, Selcuk Aydin will be facing "Sugar" Jackson Bonsu in a WBC eliminator next weekend.  Bonsu was last seen narrowly beating Carlos Baldomir and losing to Rafal Jackiewicz.  Aydin's last fight was on US television, but he didn't exactly look dominant, and I still think his tiny little T-Rex arms will hurt him in the long run.  The fact that this fight could create a top 10 contender is a testament to just how weak the welterweight division is after the top dogs. 
  • Japanese megapromoter Akihito Honda is considering making a bout between Daisuke Naito and Edgar Sosa.  Sosa, who has defended his belt 9 times since winning it from Brian Viloria, and who has become a big draw in Mexico, has expressed interest in moving up to flyweight after making one more defense.  Naito is probably the second most popular boxer in Japan at the moment, and is a huge draw there.  While this would be a great fight for the sport, I have to wonder how they would reconcile the money.  If the fight's in Japan, it probably doesn't make any more for having a borderline pound for pound fighter as the opponent, since Sosa has no name recognition there.  If the fight's in Mexico, there's the same problem going the other way.  Plus, you wouldn't be able to broadcast live from one location to the other due to the time difference.  Sounds better in concept than in execution.
  • The soap opera just continues with Mikkel Kessler.  Later this week, his mandatory against Gusmyl Perdomo is supposed to go to a purse bid.  The path of least resistance for him to get out of his contract with Mogens Palle was to take this fight, and then make the argument that the contract is over.  However, it looks like Perdomo's handlers don't want him facing Kessler, and will try to make a fight with Denis Inkin instead, which leaves Kessler out on the lurch. 
  • Vic Darchinyan heading to Golden Boy Promotions?  Gary Shaw says that's hogwash.
  • In a sad story, former champ Rocky Lockridge is living homeless in Camden, NJ.  Lockridge was involved in the 1988 fight of the year with Tony Lopez, and was one round away from beating Wilfredo Gomez in Puerto Rico.
  • According to Fightnews, Delvin Rodriguez-Isaac Hlatswayo II might be happening soon, this time on US soil.  Most reports had Delvin winning the first fight in South Africa, which was originally scored a win for Hlatswayo, and then changed to a draw due to a scoring error. 

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