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Ricky and Amir: Nothing but talk for the time being

Ricky Hatton (seen here with fiancee Jennifer Dooley) isn't saying whether or not he plans to fight again. (via <a href=""></a>)
Ricky Hatton (seen here with fiancee Jennifer Dooley) isn't saying whether or not he plans to fight again. (via
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Ricky Hatton isn't ruling anything out, but he's also not showing his cards.

Speaking with The Sun, Hatton praised fellow Brit Amir Khan but made no inclination that he's paying much mind to a fight with the younger star, or any fight for that matter:

"I'm not thinking about boxing at the moment. Maybe I'll wake up one day and think let's give it another go, but I might not. I'm not missing it — fighting is the furthest thing from my mind."


"I'm delighted for Amir and I can't praise him enough. ... But the fact that he's won a world title has not made me any closer to a comeback. It hasn't entered my head. I don't think I have to beat Amir to prove anything."

He also says that if he does come back, and Amir is still holding a world title, then that is a possibility. Khan's promoter -- and Hatton's former promoter -- Frank Warren has already said he thinks a Hatton-Khan fight is a terrible idea:

Ricky shouldn't be fighting -- it's not good for boxing and it's not good for him more importantly," Warren said on Sunday. "He's just been in hospital for overindulgence or whatever that may be.

"I don't think he should fight again, he should definitely retire. If the fight happened and, God forbidden, something bad happens, everyone would blame boxing. Sometimes fighters go on and at the end of the day bad things happen."

It's a sentiment that has been shared by many UK fighters, sportswriters and fans. In the same article, Khan's trainer Freddie Roach sounds eager to match his fighter with Hatton:

"If he does decide to fight again and continue his career, then he's made for my guy," Roach said. "I'd take that fight in a heartbeat."

Freddie has also recently stated he'd like Amir to fight the washed-up bones of Erik Morales, which is rather appalling all around. Roach also fully supported Khan picking up the withered scalp of Marco Antonio Barrera earlier this year. Freddie's talking big about Khan and comparing him to Manny Pacquiao and all this, but I still sense a little bit of fear from Roach about Khan's future.

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