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Amir Khan a free agent?

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Might Amir Khan be looking for greater international glory (and money) by signing with Golden Boy or Top Rank?
Might Amir Khan be looking for greater international glory (and money) by signing with Golden Boy or Top Rank?

In the week after Amir Khan's dominant win over solid beltholder Andriy Kotelnik, it looks like Amir Khan may be angling to leave Frank Warren for the greener pastures of the major US promotional agencies.  According to Doug Fischer at Ring Magazine:

“The Kotelnik fight was Khan’s last with Frank Warren,” Roach told from his Wild Card Boxing Club on Monday.

The veteran trainer said Khan will field offers from Warren, Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank over the next two weeks, so it appears the young titleholder and his inner circle have some thinking to do.

Warren, Britain’s premiere promoter, has represented Khan since the fighter’s final amateur bout and has promoted all of his professional bouts. Warren developed Khan into a bona fide attraction in Britain (primarily in Manchester and London) and he has the connections -- with UK networks and major venues -- to continue to build Khan regardless of whom the budding star fights.

However, the fighter who can make for the biggest British boxing event in many years -- Ricky Hatton -- does not have a cozy relationship with Warren, who promoted the popular Manchester native before their acrimonious split in late 2005.

The best way to ensure a Hatton showdown would be for Khan to sign with Golden Boy Promotions, the Los Angeles-based promotional company which represents “The Hitman,” and also brings valuable connections to U.S. cable giant HBO.

I have to say, I'm a bit skeptical.  Amir Khan very publicly re-signed with Frank Warren just before the Bredis Prescott fight.  In the process, Warren negotiated a very long-term contract with Sky Sports.  While commonwealth rules state that you can't enter into a promotional contract for longer than three years, I would be very surprised if Khan only entered into a one-year contract with Frank Warren.  However, if this is true, then get used to seeing and hearing a lot of Amir Khan on this side of the pond as well.

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