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Super Six: Andre Dirrell talking big about fight with Carl Froch

Andre Dirrell isn't making any bones about it: He expects to dominate Carl Froch on October 17. (via <a href=""></a>)
Andre Dirrell isn't making any bones about it: He expects to dominate Carl Froch on October 17. (via
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If Andre Dirrell is 80% as good as he thinks he is, we're going to have a star on our hands. The former Olympic bronze medalist isn't mincing words about his Super Six World Boxing Classic opening fight with Carl Froch on October 17. He expects to dominate.

In a press release, Dirrell is bursting with killer quotes about the fight and his opponent.

"I begged to get Froch in my first fight. He's the guy I wanted. This is going to be my easiest fight. This is the fight where I'll show off and look my best, and that's a guarantee. I'll look my best there because he's just that easy to hit and he's slow."

Thing is, I've grown to really like both Dirrell and Froch, and especially Froch, whose last two fights have both been outstandingly memorable. He's proven that he wasn't just a big talker slamming Calzaghe without anything to back it up once the competition level rose. In his two toughest fights, he got gut-checked and won.

But Dirrell isn't just whistling "Dixie" here, either. He's way faster than Froch, and Froch is really easy to hit. I dare say Dirrell is a bigger puncher than Jermain Taylor, who floored Froch earlier this year. Froch is going to have to beat Dirrell in a brawl. He's going to have to out-man him, to put it simply. He'll have to chin check Dirrell and get on him, and stay on him. If he boxes him, he's going to get smoked. Dirrell has that sort of natural ability.

Another quote from Dirrell, this one about the tournament (and about Andre Dirrell):

"I will beat world champion after world champion and that in turn will make me the best out there. That's what I love about this tournament."

He has more respect for the two other European fighters taking part in the Super Six, Mikkel Kessler and Arthur Abraham:

"Mikkel Kessler will definitely be the toughest fight for me and I love Arthur Abraham's defense, so he'll be another tough opponent. He's also going to be quicker than the other guys because he's coming up from a smaller weight class."

That last part might be off. Abraham might be the second-slowest guy in the tournament, ahead of only Froch. I mean, Taylor came up from 160, too.

Right now, I think I really do favor Dirrell against Froch, but if I had to place a number on it, I'd say I'm 55% in favor of Dirrell. I don't know how his chin takes a Froch barrage and I don't know if he can bang with him. Dirrell is no feather-fisted slouch himself and he's going to be the better athlete in there by far, but Taylor and Jean Pascal could say the same thing against Froch and they didn't beat him.

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