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Boxing's promoters form some sort of club, or something

Boxing's top promoters gathered in New York to form some sort of super group... or something.
Boxing's top promoters gathered in New York to form some sort of super group... or something.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Hush-hush word around boxing has been that many of the top promoters in the sport met in New York recently to put together some kind of conglomerate that promises to work in the best interests of the sport, not that anyone is talking much. Robert Morales touched on it in his Insider Notebook for this week, and Eric Gomez of Golden Boy Promotions gave him some quotes:

"It's confidental. Everybody was made to sign a confidentiality agreement, so I can't really go into it."

Well that promises to tell us a lot. Please, continue!

"I can say ... it was very, very positive. It's basically, you know, looking at the state of boxing and wanting to work together with other promoters and making the big fights and the fights that the fans want to see."

While this may sound like some great leap, it really isn't. Ever since Golden Boy and Top Rank ended their cold war to ink Pacquiao-Barrera II in 2007, we've seen a lot of improvement in boxing promotion. But one thing may change:

"If we're going to work with other promoters, there are certain rules that can't be broken and there are certain things that you gotta do right. Pretty much everyone agreed [to] no more slandering or talking bad."

I'd like to know which companies didn't agree to no more slandering. I bet it was Square Ring. (I'm totally joking, nobody take me seriously.)

I'd also like to know if Don King piped in with random, semi-relevant comments while waving flags.

You'll have to forgive me if I don't take this very seriously. I just don't see anything major happening because of this. With this super-secret treehouse club meeting, are we now supposed to expect anything different? What could really change? Promoters work together all the time. The aforementioned Top Rank-Golden Boy feud was the last really major thing that prevented big fights from happening. It's not like Bob Arum is going to break his grudge with Al Haymon over this and sign off on Pavlik-Williams, or I should say I highly doubt that would be the case. These guys are all very rich men, protecting their fighters' best interests when they need to, which in turn protects their own pocket books. Lou DiBella -- this is just an example, not any shot at DiBella in particular -- isn't about to throw Andre Berto into a fight he doesn't think Berto is ready for so that the fans can get their kicks. Boxing's current crop of major promoters have proven time and again that their bottom line is more important to them than the fans. I am not saying that there's not a lot to love in the sport, or that they don't also give us some great fights, but the track records speak for themselves, and that goes for everyone.

So consider me skeptical at the very least. It's about making money over time in most cases, even if that means not making as much as possible in one fight. All it would take is one bruised ego to send this thing crashing down. Still, you have to appreciate the sentiment.

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