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Latin Fury Notes: Chavez not really injured after all?; Jaro out of undercard fight

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In his latest blog entry at, Dan Rafael made a quick remark about this weekend's Top Rank Latin Fury pay-per-view, which was to be headlined by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. taking on Jason LeHoullier. Chavez recently pulled out with an injury.

You know how Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. pulled out of Saturday's fight against Jason LeHoullier on Top Rank's "Latin Fury 10" because of a rib injury? Well, as I have come to find out, that is only true if the definition of "rib injury" is "nowhere near 154 pounds a week before the fight."

Phantom injuries are not that uncommon in boxing. Sometimes guys aren't on weight, sometimes guys are having issues in camp, sometimes issues with the promoter, etc. But it's still lame if true. This entire card was put together both as a live event and as a PPV because of Chavez.

In more news, Top Rank sent out a press release stating that Sonny Boy Jaro, the 108-pound contender set to face titleholder Giovanni Segura, is off the show due to a visa problem, which has him furious. The blunder is being blamed on Michael Koncz, who is also an adviser to Manny Pacquiao. Apparently they applied for the visa to go from the Philippines to Mexico too close to the fight.

Instead of Jaro, Segura will face Juanito Rubillar, who lost to Omar Nino in a rematch in June via shutout technical decision after eight rounds. The fight was stopped due to a cut caused by a clash of heads. Rubillar beat Nino in 2008, but then lost his next fight to Edgar Sosa, though he did deck Sosa.

As far as extremely short-notice title fight replacements go, Rubillar (46-12-7, 22 KO) is pretty legit and fairly dangerous. He's been in the ring recently and might be a bit more beaten up than he'd like to be, but it's also a gift for him. At 32 and having lost his last two fights, he didn't look likely to be getting another world title shot. A win does big things for his career.

Some real respect is also due to Segura, who could've decided he just wasn't fighting. The fight is tomorrow, for the love of Pete. Lots of guys would not take a legit opponent on such short notice.

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