First we lose Gatti, now Forrest

Just when we barely are getting over the shocking death of Arturo Gatti, we lose another great champion Vernon Forrest.

Forrest was found shot to death Saturday night, after he was trying to defend against a bunch of thugs who were trying to rob him.

Over recent years he was a huge fan favorite for many of us who followed the sport. He was a fighter and a consistent one at that, as by the 41 wins in 45 fights would indicate. In 2001 at Madison Square Garden, he dominated favorite IBF Welterweight Champion Raul Frank. But he did not stop there, as in the following year again fighting another fierce opponent he defeated WBC Welterweight Champion Shane Mosely twice in only six months.

Two of his three losses came at the hands of Ricardo Mayorga both in 2003, while the other was to Sergio Mora of the TV Series The Contender in 2008.Later

Forrest not only is going to be missed in the ring, but off it as well. He assisted in the creation of a group home to help provide housing assistance to mentally challenged adults.


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