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Press conference quotes for Bradley-Campbell

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

WBO junior welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley and Nate Campbell will meet this Saturday on Showtime in what is on paper a really good fight that, in my view, has been too quietly promoted. Bradley is the best 140-pound fighter in the world whose name isn't Manny Pacquiao, and Campbell is still a viable threat moving up from lightweight.

Their recent press conference yielded some decent quotes.

TIMOTHY BRADLEY: "It’s going be a great fight.  I know Nate comes to fight hard.  I’m looking forward to a war with Nate Campbell.  Fans should get ready fireworks on Aug. 1."

NATE CAMPBELL: "I want to thank Timmy for taking this fight because he didn’t have to take it.  I’m just ready to fight.  I’m over talking about it, let’s get it on."

They then went on to talk about it extensively.

Q: How impressed were you by what Nate Campbell did to Juan Diaz last year?

BRADLEY: "I couldn't believe it. I actually lost money on that fight. I bet my promoter, Alex Camponovo, that Juan would be able to come back. When I saw Nate put his hands on Juan, I was like, ‘wow, this dude is unbelievable.' I was like, ‘I would never want to get in the ring with that dude.' But it came down to it. Basically, to be the best you've got to beat the best. I consider Nate Campbell one of the best fighters at 140 pounds. That's why I'm taking this challenge. I want to be the best fighter in the world at 140 pounds and I have to beat Nate Campbell to do that."

Bradley seemed uncomfortable talking real trash before his last fight against Kendall Holt, and this shows why. Bradley's a nice guy who believes in himself, not an arrogant who is trying to play heel and generate interest that way.

But it did get a bit heated...

Q: You usually go out on a limb and make statements. Do you have anything to say about Tim?

CAMPBELL: "I'm going to bust Timmy's ass. When the bell rings, I go out there to do damage. We can be cool and friends after round 12. From the first round to the last I'm going to take your head off. I'm going to bust his ribs. I don't care. I'm going to hurt him, and he better be doing the same."

Q: [Tim], What do you think about that?

BRADLEY: "I don't think anything of it. In 24 fights, all these people thought they were going to beat me and no one did."

CAMPBELL: "You've never fought anybody like me."

BRADLEY: "I agree. It's going to be a war. I'm not going to lay down for anybody."

CAMPBELL: "I don't want you to lie down. I want you to stand and fight me."

BRADLEY: "I'm going to stand toe-to-toe with him."

CAMPBELL: "I'll believe you'll stand toe-to-toe with me when I see it."

And then it got even more heated:

CAMPBELL: "It's going to be you and me and I'm going to take you to the abyss."

BRADLEY: "Bring it. Bring it. You're going to bring the best out of me, Nate."

CAMPBELL: "I want you to bring your best."

BRADLEY: "I'm serious. I didn't have to fight you, Nate. I wanted to. I can beat you, Nate. I want to beat you."

CAMPBELL: "You're going to have to prove it."

BRADLEY: "I am going to prove it."

CAMPBELL: "I'm going to put it on you. I'm going to take the fight out of my mouth. I'm going to take you out of there."

BRADLEY: "I have never been in the ring with anybody in my life that could beat me. Ever."

CAMPBELL: "I'm not old. I'm something special. At 37 years old, you're going to see what experience can do to you."

BRADLEY: "No, you're going to see how tired your ass is going to be after the fight. Nate, I'm going to wear your ass out."

CAMPBELL: "You keep telling yourself that."

Good stuff, gentlemen. Good stuff.

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