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Tuesday Morning Notes: Adamek-Golota rumored

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    According to Portal Boksernews, Tomasz Adamek vs. Andrew Golota on October 10 in Poland is nearly signed, sealed and delivered.  There's been a big moving smokescreen on this one, so it's hard to tell what's actually happening and what isn't, especially since Adamek has been known to tell the Polish press one thing and then tell then English-language press something completely different.  It's previously been reported that he's moving to heavyweight, then Adamek said he wasn't moving, now maybe he's moving again.  Either way, Golota's old and has always found a way to lose a big fight, so if Adamek will move up to fight around 210 temporarily, this might be a good opponent to do it against.  Still, if he's willing to fight in Poland, then why not take on Firat Arslan, Marco Huck or Diablo Wlodarczyk?  Any of those guys earn Adamek decent money, and he could take 'home field' by insisting that any fight be in Poland.
  • In an effort to ensure that a South African hold the IBF super featherweight belt at all times, the IBF has sanctioned a fight between Mzonke Fana and Jasper Seroka, both South African, as the mandatory challenger to the Klassen-Guerrero winner.  That fight will be aired on South African SuperSport this weekend.
  • To follow up on Scott's story regarding Pacquiao-Cotto, Manny Pacquiao is saying that he's more than willing to pay both sanctioning fees to have their fight be for the WBO title belt. Frankly, I smell a rat with this one.  Cotto is claiming he wants it to be a nontitle fight so he doesn't need to pay a sanctioning fee, but unless the WBO works differently than every other ABC, he needs to pay a sanctioning fee (although not as large) to the WBO to have a nontitle fight as well.  Also, the WBO has Pacquiao named as its mandatory (for no particular reason whatsoever), so it doesn't make sense that they would even allow the fight to be a nontitle fight without stripping Cotto.  In spite of any brouhaha, I'll be shocked if this isn't a title fight at the end of the day, and I think this is just an effort to keep the fight in the spotlight as the Mayweather-Marquez buildup is about to start.  The implications of which fight gets more buys could be huge at the negotiating table, so don't be surprised to see Bob Arum pull out all the stops to get as much publicity for his fight as possible.
  • More follow-up, Richard Schaefer is now saying that David Haye made his fight with Nicolai Valuev without Golden Boy Promotions’ approval. It doesn’t seem like they care about this one in particular, but if he continues to do this in the future, it could mean trouble.  Haye formed his own promotional company, Hayemaker promotions, but is co-promoted by GBP.  Considering how little he's fought and all the goings-on, maybe Haye should consider letting Schaffer do his negotiations in exchange for the fee.  Long-term, he'll probably end up making more money anyway.
  • This sounds like bologna, but more fuel to the fire if you dislike Kelly Pavlik.
  • Frank Warren has won a libel lawsuit against Herbie Hide.  I'd tell you what Hide said, but I don't want to get sued for libel.  Sad thing though is that at the end of the say, Warren probably stood to make more money by having Enzo Maccaranelli fight Herbie Hide than by suing Hide.  Now that ship has sailed. 
  • Evander Holyfield's charity bout with Sammy Retta in Ethiopia has been moved to September 11, Ethiopian New Year.  
  • Yet another unfortunate death.  Canadian boxing silver medalist (and later gay rights activist) Marc Leduc died of heat stroke.  He was 47. 

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