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This weekend's round by round

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As many of you may know, Scott is getting married this weekend, meaning I'll be manning the helm on Saturday night. Unfortunately, it's one of the two or three days a year that there are two different pay per view cards going on at the same time. Rather than just picking one, let's try a little bit of democratic process to see which card you'd rather I provide round by round coverage for. Of course, if I do one and you get the other, then feel free to provide your own round by round in the thread. Here are the options:

Pinoy Power II - Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion, vacant junior bantamweight title; Steven Luevano vs. Bernabe Concepcion, featherweight title; Mark Melligen vs. Michel Rosales, junior welterweights; Anthony Peterson vs. Luis Arceo, lightweights

Hook City - Roy Jones Jr. vs. Jeff Lacy, light heavyweights; Danny Green vs. Julio Cesar Dominguez, light heavyweights; BJ Flores vs. Epifanio Mendoza, cruiserweights; Jason Litzau vs. Verquan Kimbrough, lightweights