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Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto and the WBC's ridiculous belt

Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao are reportedly thrilled to be fighting for the "WBC Diamond Championship." Consider me skeptical. (Photo via <a href=""></a>)
Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao are reportedly thrilled to be fighting for the "WBC Diamond Championship." Consider me skeptical. (Photo via

In case you missed it, the WBC recently manufactured a title and a belt for catch-weight mega-fights, or for mega-fights in general, or some such total nonsense, and they called it the WBC Diamond Championship.

Hardcore boxing fans were almost universal in their dismissal, with I'd wager about 70% of us wondering if this was a joke that had gotten out of hand. The Diamond title! And it was unanimously voted on by cardboard cutouts representing the WBC's "board of governors."

But it's real, and it's happening. When WBO welterweight titlist Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao square off on November 14, the title will be "at stake." Ronnie Nathanielsz reports that both fighters are excited, according to Bob Arum, who says they're "crazy" about all the diamonds, and that the belt "is something new and adds to the excitement."

Now...hang on.

First of all, I highly doubt that Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao are "crazy" about the title. I just don't see Cotto or Pacquiao getting all giddy about an ugly belt with a bunch of diamonds on it. This sounds like grandpa at Christmas time. "Didja see Billy openin' up that surfboard (note: it was a skateboard) I got 'im? He was crazy about it!" Billy, for the record, is fairly indifferent.

Second, it adds nothing. It IS something new, and it's so ridiculously unnecessary that words can't properly describe it. I could even use some words I generally keep off the front page here, and they still wouldn't be enough. In short, it's a f***ing stupid waste of f***ing time, another f***ing belt in a sport with too f***ing many of them for anyone sane to keep track of in the first f***ing place.

See? Not good enough. Not descriptive enough. Doesn't quite get across just how much I hate the WBC diamond title, which I may simply choose to ignore, making one of those internet political statements the kids are so fond of in our current era. This belt means nothing. It gives the WBC money for fights it has no f***ing business sticking its f***ing nose into. That's it and that's all. It is a money-grubbing, fake, fabricated piece of jewelry that has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. If Cotto and Pacquiao pay sanctioning fees for that hunk of nothing, then they deserve to have given the money away.

And if anyone wants to pay me for the kids' WWE championship belt that is currently serving as the Wii Sports bowling title in my living room, I'll put some new tape and notebook paper on that and you guys can fight for that, too. Hey, at least that belt has history.

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