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Stieglitz defeats Balzsay; Braehmer defeats Kuziemski

After losing his previous title shot against Hugo Garay, Jurgen Braehmer overpowered Aleksy Kuziemski for an interim title.
After losing his previous title shot against Hugo Garay, Jurgen Braehmer overpowered Aleksy Kuziemski for an interim title.

We have two new titlists today in Germany, as Robert Stieglitz defeated Karoly Balzsay for his piece of the super middleweight title, and Jurgen Braehmer defeated Aleksy Kuziemski for an interim light heavyweight title. 

On the undercard, German badboy Jurgen Braehmer whooped on Polish prospect Kuziemski until his corner threw in the towel in the 11th round.  Braehmer managed to knock down the Pole in rounds 2, 3, 5 and 11, and the light-hitting Kuziemski just couldn't keep Braehmer off of him.  Braehmer wins an interim title, which in effect makes him the mandatory for Zsolt Erdei, another Universum fighter.  Braehmer is quite popular in Germany, and Erdei has started to publicly complain that Universum isn't getting him any big money fights, so don't be surprised to see that fight made quickly if Universum thinks that Braehmer can beat Erdei.  If they don't then a fight against Karo Murat, another Universum fighter who recently moved up to 175, seems more likely.  The third alternative would be to have a unification fight with Gabriel Campillo, who Universum claims owes them an option.  Either way, expect to finally see some activity in the European light heavyweight scene, which has been completely dead ever since Erdei hijacked the lineal title.

In the main event, Robert Stieglitz defeated Karoly Balzsay by 11th round TKO when Balzsay's trainer didn't let him come back out for the 11th round.  According to reports, Balzsay was clearly outboxing Stieglitz early, but he started to slow down around the fourth or fifth round.  In the ninth round, Stieglitz finally caught up with Balzsay, rocking him a few times, and continuing a beating through the 10th round when Balzsay clearly had nothing left in the tank.  Supposedly this was a solid fight, so I'll try to check if it shows up on Youtube.  This has to be a mild upset, but is also probably bad news for the super middleweight division.  Stieglitz isn't really anything special, as we saw when he was soundly beaten by Librado Andrade.  He is, however, a German native that fights under the Universum banner.  Considering Universum's long history of protecting its weak titlists, expect him to run off a bunch of defenses in Germany against the weakest competition possible.  Balzsay had made rumblings about a unification with the Bute-Andrade winner, so that one's out the window. 

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