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CSAC overturns Bradley-Campbell decision

The August 1 bout between 140-pound titlist Timothy Bradley and Nate Campbell has been ruled a no-contest by the California State Athletic Commission, reports Rick Reeno.

This is, of course, the correct and just decision. The original decision was a third-round TKO win for Bradley, when after the round Campbell declared he could no longer see out of his eye. Referee David Mendoza incorrectly ruled that a cut over the eye had come from a punch. Replays on Showtime conclusively showed that the wound came from an accidental headbutt by Bradley. Campbell immediately appealed to the CSAC to have the decision overturned, and today the correct ruling came back.

Right now, Campbell is on the mend. The cut wasn't the real problem, it was that Campbell suffered vitreous hemmorhage in the eye. Both fighters indicated after the bout ended that they'd be open to a rematch, as did Campbell's promoter, Don King. Gary Shaw (Bradley's promoter) was far less committal, but the fact of the matter is there just might not be a better fight for him at the moment.

With the ruling changed, Bradley's record returns to 24-0 (11), while Campbell stays at 33-5-1 (25). I'm actually surprised and thrilled to see the commission overturn the error by referee Mendoza, and happy that Nate gets the loss off of his record.

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