Nacho Beristain: Marquez is not ready for Mayweather

Nacho Beristain had a recent interview with the Mexican media saying that Juan Manuel Marquez is not %100 ready for Floyd Mayweather Jr. for their upcoming fight on Sept. 19. Reported by

"Juan Manuel is very strong, he looks like a natural welterweight, but it worries me a lot that we can't get to the speed level that we are looking for us to be at ease, we can't compete with a fighter of the quality of Floyd Mayweather with that fu***** lack of speed. The sparring partners are not a problem, it is the work we did to increase the muscle.

He is tense and as I said he is very strong and buffed, but he has no speed at this point and that is because the weight lifting he did was excessive. Is like a soccer player after working with weights they are strong but they lack the speed and the rhythm to compete. That is the way Juan Manuel is right now I am desperate at this point. But there is still time to get him speed but the problem is that the weight lifting is giving us a hard time." said Nacho who know Juan Manuel extremely well.

If Marquez is unable to bring his speed up, his chances of beating Mayweather has become a lot more slim than they already are.

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