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Floyd Mayweather Sr. weighs in on Cotto-Pacquiao, his son, and his brother

Michael Marley of the Examiner spoke recently with Floyd Mayweather Sr., and as always, Big Floyd was not at a loss for words about any subject. He spoke candidly about his brother, Roger, his son, Floyd Jr., and the upcoming superfight between Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao.

On Floyd Jr.'s upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, the elder Mayweather has not changed his stance from the moment the fight was signed:

"Every fighter has some ring rust after a layoff. But he will win this fight with Marquez. Marquez is a good, tough fighter but my son is too slick for him.Marquez’s hands will be just too slow. Marquez won’t be able to counter punch Floyd the way he did Pacquiao and others. It’s going to be a big difference in timing. Marquez might think fast but can he get off fast?"

This is exactly what Floyd has said all along, and what Jr. has been saying, too. It's also what Marquez's own trainer, Nacho Beristain, is highly concerned about now. Mayweather also says that he thinks his son's fight with Marquez might "catch on" as the fight gets closer, speaking about what is still perceived as a fight that the public has yet to fully warm to. Everyone better hope he's right about that.

He also spoke very candidly about his brother Roger's recent legal troubles:

"I stay out of it because that is his business. He’s the one that’s got to deal with it, not me. I will say this, though…if he doesn’t learn and learn real fast, it’s going to end in something that’s not so nice."

It's no secret that Floyd Sr. and Roger have had many squabbles -- sometimes that's a nice word for it -- in the past, but Sr. has really seemed genuine about getting the family reunited.

And on Cotto-Pacquiao, because why wouldn't Floyd have a thought? He knows Pacquiao pretty well right now:

"I think Pacquiao is too much for Cotto right now but my thing is if Cotto can hit hard to the body and to the head, he can knock Pacquiao out."

I find it somewhat odd still that Cotto is still being counted out against Pacquiao to this degree. Sr. is hardly the only expert that sees Cotto as damaged goods that Pacquiao might well destroy for good. Can't say I agree, or maybe I just don't want to see the fight that way.

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