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Mayweather's latest WWE appearance earns negative reviews

For those that missed it or just don't care, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was last night's WWE Raw "guest host," a position that has been filled in recent weeks by semi-celebrities like Seth Green.

I will again reveal that growing up, I was a massive pro wrestling fan, and you can still find a library of pro wrestling tapes and a solid collection of pro wrestling DVDs in my home. And I even watch the DVDs still, because I still enjoy the old product. It's not for me now, but I also think WWE presents some interesting marketing opportunities, and for a fight struggling to capture public interest the way Mayweather-Marquez is, it wasn't a bad idea in theory.

I didn't watch the show (I forgot more than anything, as I haven't regularly tuned in to WWE Raw in about three or four years), but those that did are categorizing Mayweather's appearance as being awful.

Rick Rockwell of the Examiner did a full recap of Floyd's time on TV, which was quite limited. Here is a real highlight:

WWE hypes up Mayweather as boxing’s pound for pound best fighter in the world.. The first 30 minutes of the show and no Floyd. HHH said on the mic that Floyd wasn’t here yet.

WWE announcers keep referring to Mayweather as the best boxer in the world.

As the end of hour one approaches, Floyd finally shows up.

Remember, this is a two-hour show. So Mayweather was only there for half of it. For reference, what I've seen of these "guest host" things has featured that celebrity on the show quite prominently, in several backstage skits, setting up matches, getting confronted by heels, perhaps getting a pretend erection from one of WWE's Barbie dolls, so on and so forth. But they get a lot of screen time to hype whatever they're there to hype.

Mayweather has what NEEDS to be a big, big boxing event to hype, and he goes to a young, probably unfamiliar audience to potentially sell it, and he's barely on the show. Did that police scare have anything to do with it? Maybe, maybe not.

Floyd's only chance to hype the fight apparently came when he did a bit of a back-and-forth with Big Show (whom he had a match with at WrestleMania last year) and Chris Jericho. Jericho and Show said Marquez would knock Mayweather out, and then MVP and Mark Henry came to Floyd's aid. There supposedly wasn't much to it.

Michael Marley of the Examiner also watched, and came to the same tough-to-overlook problem I had the last time I saw Floyd on WWE TV. These guys are generally terrible actors, and Floyd makes them look like Brando:

There’s one thing that the always sincere Floyd Mayweather can’t fake and that is acting.

If you didn’t know it before, you know it now if you saw Pretty Broke as he guested Monday Night Raw, the special Mr. McMahon turns age 64 in Las Vegas version, last night.

I found the skits enjoyable to a point but Mayweather’s mugging leaves a lot of be desired. Apparently he only has three faces: the bodacious braggart face, the mad as hell visage and the totally confused, hey where am I face.

You saw all three as Mayweather was sprinkled all over the USA network’s popular grunt and groan show.

His acting range is limited to put it kindly.

To put it kindly, indeed.

The Baltimore Sun's Kevin Eck had said Mayweather was "worthless" as a guest on the show:

To paraphrase a famous movie quote, as far as Raw guest hosts go, Floyd Mayweather could have been a contender. He could have been somebody instead of a bum, which is what he was.

Based on Mayweather’s showmanship and his fine performance at WrestleMania last year, I was expecting the boxing star to be an entertaining guest host on Monday night’s episode of Raw. Instead, “Money” Mayweather was practically worthless.

With Mayweather’s lackluster appearance setting the tone, Raw just never hit its stride this week.

He didn’t make his first appearance on the show until late in the first hour, and he was in just two segments total. Mayweather, who was supposed to be in charge of the show, didn’t even book the main event (Triple H did). The only talent that Mayweather interacted with was Chris Jericho, The Big Show, MVP and Vince McMahon.

Before Mayweather finally graced the audience with his presence, the announcers kept saying that he was “on his way” and would “be here any minute.” I’m guessing that Mayweather really did arrive at the arena a lot later than he was supposed to, because it sure seemed like WWE was stalling for time. The segment at the top of the show with DX and McMahon lasted more than 20 minutes, and the first match did not take place until 9:32. Perhaps Mayweather was running behind schedule because of the police investigation of a shooting outside a skating rink in Las Vegas Sunday night that allegedly involved one of Mayweather’s associates.

I have read some folks saying they enjoyed the show, but none of that mentioned Mayweather as a factor in their enjoyment, really.

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