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Guns seized from Mayweather in ongoing case

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This just gets better and better, huh? Guns have been seized from the home and cars of Floyd Mayweather Jr.:

Las Vegas police investigating a shooting outside a skating rink seized two handguns, ammunition and two bulletproof vests from the home of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and two cars.

One of the alleged victims in the shooting incident also told investigators that the six-time champion threatened him 10 minutes before another man shot at his car from the rink's parking lot as they drove away on Sunday night, according to search warrant documents obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday.

No one was hurt in the shooting. Mayweather has not been named as a suspect, and a man police are seeking has not been arrested, police Sgt. John Loretto said.

The chance that Floyd winds up in some sort of trouble increases with every piece of news printed. Mayweather has had scrapes with the law in the past, and it doesn't seem to me as though he's directly involved with the shooting being investigated, but right now should be Mayweather focusing on his September 19 fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. This is not focusing on the fight.

I wonder if the HBO 24/7 cameras will have anything from this saga? Any bets?

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