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Mandatory Eight Count: Brewster loses, Singwancha jailed

Oloukun may have launched his own career by ending Brewster's.  via <a href=""></a>
Oloukun may have launched his own career by ending Brewster's. via

Gbenga Oloukun defeated Lamon Brewster |

On the Huck-Ramirez undercard, Lamon Brewster was defeated by virtually unknown Nigerian heavyweight Gbenga Oloukun (17-1).  The scores were 78-74, 77-75 and 77-75.  A few sources say the scoring was questionable, but some folks I trust who saw the fight said that Oloukun just outworked him and outboxed him from the outside. 

Clinton Woods likely to throw in the towel | Times Online

This shouldn't be any surprise after his performance this last weekend, but Woods will be spending the next few days contemplating whether or not to retire.  Even if he does, he had a pretty good run, and probably did better in this business than his talent level would dictate. 

Singwancha potentially facing death penalty |

Former two-time beltholder Sirimongkol Singwancha was busted for transporting about 30 grams of what appears to be methamphetamine while working as a drug runner.  Thailand generally has a zero tolerance drug policy, and the penalty for selling drugs is death.  Even if he gets out of the death penalty, his career is certainly over. 

Hamed retired due to bad hands | Eastside Boxing

According to a BBC interview, Naseem Hamed has finally decided to clear the air about his retirement, saying he stopped fighting because bad hands forced him to retire.  Color me skeptical.  if that was really the case, why did he wait 7 years to tell us so?  I'm sure his beatdown at the hands of Marco Antonio Barrera had nothing to do with it.

Randall Bailey moving to 147 | The Sweet Science

Bailey didn't look all there against Juan Urango this past weekend, and he's hoping that moving up to 147 will help him get his career back on track.  Bailey says he's struggled to make the weight for the better part of a decade.  Good luck to him, but with a few exceptions, moving up generally doesn't make someone's chin better.

New downloadable fighters in FNR4 | El33tonline

A new character pack, downloadable for $4.99, includes Oscar de la Hoya, the Klitschko brothers and alternate versions of James Toney and George Foreman. 

Mood in the Marquez camp is less than optimistic | New York Boxing Examiner

Keeping in mind that Michael Marley, the author, is a promoter himself and often just a bit of a mouthpiece for others, Marley reports that Marquez trainer Ignacio Beristain is downright depressed, and that spending time in camp is like spending time waiting for an execution. 

Joachim Alcine back on the winning track | Canadian Press

On Saturday, Alcine cruised to a close victory over journeyman Eric Mitchell after a 13 month layoff.  The goal of the fight was primarily to knock off the ring rust, although it's a shame that Alcine lost about a year of his prime when his stock was about as high as it will get.  Since then, the weight class has gotten significantly stronger, and he'll find it much more difficult to win another belt.

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