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Mandatory Eight Count: Sugar Ray Leonard v. Anthony Mundine in Australia

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anthony Mundine play Fight Night Round 4 in Australia. (Photo by <a href=",,6881135,00.jpg">JJ Sassine</a>)
Sugar Ray Leonard and Anthony Mundine play Fight Night Round 4 in Australia. (Photo by JJ Sassine)

The official Mayweather-Marquez 24/7 drinking game - The RING Blog
Example: "Fill your mouth with beer, then spit out the beer in disbelief each time the 24/7 narrator twists the truth to fit the show’s purposes. (Example: Mayweather’s 2007 win over Oscar De La Hoya is referred to as "decisive" to push the agenda that Mayweather retired with nothing to prove.)"

Sugar Ray, Anthony Mundine play themselves in Fight Night Round 4 |
Sugar Ray Leonard and Anthony Mundine square off with one another for the Australian launch of Fight Night Round 4. The article features excellently confusing lines like "Leonard said he rated Mundine alongside the greats of the 1980s like Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler," and is unclear as to whether it is talking about video games or the real world. Also has video.

Bernard Fernandez: Thompson's retirement from boxing draws criticism | Philadelphia Daily News
Anthony Thompson's retirement from boxing stemmed from a chronic eye condition, he says. His manager Cameron Dunkin and trainer Derek Ennis don't buy it. His August 22 rematch with Grady Brewer is discussed, with Ennis saying Thompson pulled out because he's scared to death of Brewer.

Freddie Roach discussed his training of MMA legend and star Tito Ortiz, saying he's improving in the stand-up game. He also believes he made Ortiz vomit in training. Roach is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the MMA world, as accomplished stars in the sport continue to seek his help.

Boxer Hector Camacho Jr. leaves Cleveland with high hopes -
Well, someone has to have high hopes for Hector Camacho Jr., I guess, whose record is so fluffed-up it makes Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s sheet look like Manny Pacquiao's. Camacho promises (again) that he's ready to get serious. The super serious Zab Judah and Fernando Vargas were in attendance.

Blood Test Can Detect Brain Damage In Amateur Boxers
A blood test can now be used to detect brain damage in amateur boxers. Deterioration of nerve cells seems to occur even after a two-month break from boxing. This is shown in a new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy.

Thousands turn out to great Ali in Ennis -
Muhammad Ali made a visit to Ireland, where his great grandfather Abe Grady emigrated from.

Hungry Huck Would Welcome Cruiserweight Super Six |
Newly-crowned WBO cruiserweight titlist Marco Huck would love to see a Super Six World Boxing Classic in his division, and it's certainly one that has the depth to make it happen.

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