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Roy Jones talks Anderson Silva, Oscar de la Hoya and Bernard Hopkins

Roy Jones Jr. spoke with FightHype and remains tremendously impressed not only with himself, but with his performance against Jeff Lacy. Jones makes typically illogical Roy Jones comments like, "They don't judge top ten [P4P] on skill anymore," because nobody else throws 13 hooks in a row or whatever, and then when the interviewer says, "Well, to be fair, I don't think it was ever judged purely on skill," Roy will respond, "Exactly!"

Well, no...

But Roy's Roy, and bless him for it. He also takes shots at Oscar de la Hoya, which is nothing new:

"I don't even think he's got enough respect to talk to me. I never gave up. He gave up to a smaller man. I don't owe no explanation for that. I don't even think he earned the right to talk to me. I ain't never quit. Got cut and still went on against what they called pound-for-pound one of the best fighters out there and never thought about quitting. And he gonna tell me what I need to do? I'm the kind of dude that will fight him, Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins all in the same night. I don't care."

The whole statement is strange. Fight Oscar? Fight Mosley? Welterweights. But Oscar losing to a small guy is a great travesty? Was it a travesty they fought in the first place then?

I also love that Roy Jones suffering one cut in his entire career has turned into a huge thing for him. He's wearing that cut like a gold-plated badge of honor.

When asked if it was "a shame" that Roy thinks his biggest fight is with MMA's Anderson Silva:

"It's true, though. But you know, once they get their hearts built around a fight that the people want to see, they don't care about the rest of them. The rest of them are boring to the ans. They want to see someone who can bring something new to it and make it a little more interesting and not be boring. What fight do you think is bigger than that? Maybe me and one of the Klitschkos."

Roy also doesn't miss an opportunity to throw some jabs at Bernard Hopkins:

"He said, 'Why would I fight Roy Jones when the fans want to see me fight Chad Dawson or Adamek?' But the fans don't want to see that crap. The fans want to see you fight Roy Jones and see you redeem your loss, or try to redeem it, but you just talking about, 'Well, I beat the guy he lost to!'"

Just for fun, let's do a poll to close this out, because I think he might be right, or he also might be drastically wrong.

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