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Mandatory Eight Count - Rings, boxes and prisons

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If Arreola were really in that great of shape, he wouldn't be hiding his boobies with a t-shirt.
If Arreola were really in that great of shape, he wouldn't be hiding his boobies with a t-shirt.

Mosley-Clottey Hits a Snag | LA Times

While there is a verbal agreement for Shane Mosley to fight Joshua Clottey on December 26 at the Staples Center, the venue and the date still aren't set in stone.  The sides are still negotiating whether the fight will indeed be at the Staples Center, and HBO doesn't want to host a fight so close to Christmas.

Johnny Tapia back in Jail | KOB

This time for a parole violation.  Hopefully he hasn't fallen back off the wagon.  Tapia claims he was given permission to leave New Mexico to look for his cousin, but he put the wrong date on his visa.  Unfortunately, a guy with as many strikes as Tapia isn't going to get a ton of sympathy.  Hopefully they'll let him out of the state for his hall of fame induction (there's little doubt in my mind that he should make it in).

Cris Arreola Getting Trim | The Ring Blog

According to Arreola's camp, he's weighing around 258 right now and hopes to be in the 245 range on fight night against Vitali Klitschko.  On the other hand, he's still wearing a t-shirt while sparring.  And frankly, 245 is still on the big side for Arreola.  His endurance and stamina looked much better when he was in the 230 - 235 range.

Boxing Promotion Joins the Aughts | Las Vegas Sun

With two megafights coming back to back, the promoters are experimenting with some promotional styles that haven't been used too heavily in boxing before.  Mayweather and Marquez have playlists up on iTunes.  24/7 is being made more widely available.  The Canadian Press catches on as well, saying boxing is trying to reach a new demographic.

Berto vs. Hova | MTV

Andre Berto was insulted by his offer to make only 3/4 of a million dollars to rematch Luis Collazo or unify with Isaac Hlatswayo, so he's turning his attention to other potential income sources.  Now, he's saying he wants to box Jay-Z.  This follows on the heels of trying to drum something up between himself and Chad Ochocinco.  Evidently, Berto's got 99 problems, and being a bitch is one of them.

Foreman and Salita trying to bring back the Jewish fighter | JTA

A little interesting gloss on how being devout affects their training and the like, but even more interesting information on their secret plot to become champions without actually fighting anyone of note.

Simpiwe Nongqayi Arrested | Independent Online

Nongqayi has a title fight against Jorge Arce in Mexico on Tuesday.  On his way from South Africa to Mexico, he and his trainer were arrested and had to spend 7 hours in a German prison when they were unable to produce their visas.  Not the best way to prepare for the biggest fight of your life.

Frank Warren and Amir Khan are Tools | The Telegraph

Warren and Khan are trying to get people to remove defamatory and/or racist statements from their facebook pages.  As much as I don't approve of verbal racism, this is ridiculous.  What's the matter Frank?  Did a 14 year old hurt your feelings?  Did they post something mean about you on Movie  I say you should go on a crazy road trip with an orangutan to chase these people down and beat up the offenders.

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