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Freddie Roach puts together ace sparring for Pacquiao

Michael Marley of the Examiner reports that Freddie Roach is heading over to the Philippines on September 19 (one day after Guillermo Rigondeaux fights on ESPN2) and already has some top-notch sparring lined up for Manny Pacquiao.

"I've got [Shawn] Porter, I've got Ray Serrano, I've got Urbano Antillon and I've got Manny's pal, David Rodela. He is Manny's friend but David always give him good, solid work. David comes in to fight in camp."

"I have four guys who have the right styles for us to get ready for Cotto. Everyone thinks all Miguel does is attack but he can box also. This is a guy who was able to neutralize Shane Mosley's great speed. You have to take that into account."

It's the typical great sparring for Pacquiao, and it's a lineup that should do as good as any to get Manny ready for Miguel Cotto. As for the rumors that Roach would be bringing in Jose Luis Castillo, those were shot down:

"It's not true. Why would I use him? He's shot. I can't use a shot guy to get Manny ready for Cotto. I keep saying it but I will say it again, anyone who thinks Cotto is easy and is not dangerous is a complete fool."

On the Cotto-Pacquiao front, HBO sent out a press release that said they'll be debuting the "24/7" series for this fight on October 24.

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