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Mandatory Eight Count - Bob Arum Talks Too Much Edition

"Kingpin" has backed out of a fight with Odlanier Solis. via

Johnson-Solis is called off | Dan Rafael's Blog

Kevin Johnson and Odlanier Solis were supposed to fight each other in what would have been the most intriguing prospect-prospect heavyweight battle in a decade.  Instead, Johnson Joe DeGuardia has called the fight off, as Johnson near the top of the line for Vitali Klitschko, and he didn't want to risk losing to a dangerous heavyweight.  This is about the umpteenth time Solis has been scheduled to face someone prominent and his opponent pulled out.  In terms of fat, out of shape heavyweights, I still like Solis' chances at making a lot of noise better than Cris Arreola's.

Bob Arum goes off on MMA and Mayweather | Boxing Fanhouse

Bob Arum gave an interview at yesterday's Pacquiao-Cotto press conference, and came out with such lovely nuggets as that MMA is "a bunch of homosexuals rolling around on the ground" and saying that MMA fans are "a bunch of skinhead white guys".  On the bright side, for the tenth year in a row, he also discussed bringing a big fight back to Yankees Stadium, although he dismissed the idea that Pacquiao-Mayweather would be held there.  He also does give credit to Dana White himself, saying he's a standup guy and a great promoter.

Pavlik-Williams likely to have a 24/7 | Dan Rafael's Blog

Dan Rafael is a beast on Fridays, and this Friday is no different.  In his blog, he reports that HBO likely will put together a 24/7 series on Pavlik-Williams, if they get it to work on the December 5 date. 

Thursday Results | Boxrec

In France, Jean Paul Mendy beat Nathan King, and Thierry Henry and Karim Bennama advance to the finals of Le Grand Tournoi.  It's a shame Mendy hasn't done squat in the past few years.  He looked good in the Showtime SMW tournament a few years ago, but the men he defeated haven't gone on to do much, and he's been completely inactive.  Also, Terdsak Jendaeng won a regional title to put himself back in line for another title shot.  Jendaeng is tough as nails and fun to watch, but probably doesn't have the talent to ever get over that hump.  You need to be tough when your name is pronounced like "Turdsack".  Just ask Dick Butkus. 

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. may face John Duddy | The Ring Blog

If this happens, you have to laud Bob Arum for finally stepping Chavez up a bit.  While Duddy isn't a worldbeater, he's a big step up from Jason LeHoullier and Matt Vanda, and this would likely be an all-action fight with fight of the year potential.  The fight probably only gets made, however, if Arum can get HBO to buy it.  Ross Greenburg has been hesitant to buy either Duddy fights or Chavez fights in the past, so this one still has a long ways to go.

Anthony Peterson may face Marcos Maidana | ESPN

Marcos Maidana already has a timeslot on BAD on November 28, but they're trying to work out an opponent.  Kendall Holt is currently the favorite, although Anthony Peterson is interested.  Peterson has fought his entire career at lightweight, but with his brother Lamont getting a shot at 140 soon against Timothy Bradley, this could create an interesting prospect for the Peterson brothers to take over 140 much like the Klitschkos have at heavyweight.  Maidana holds an interim title and eventually will need to face Amir Khan.  Frankly, I'd rather see Maidana face Holt, simply because I think Maidana beats Holt but loses to Peterson, and I REALLY want to see Khan-Maidana, a prototypical speed versus power fight. 

Jorge Campillo - unlucky titlist, or unluckiest titlist? | Fightnews

For starters, Campillo gets no respect despite having beaten two very solid opponents back to back in their hometowns.  Then, he takes a fight against Beibut Shumenov, while his prior opponent's promoter goes to court and gets a judgment against him that he's in breach of contract.  Now, Shumenov, who was both the opponent and the promoter is refusing to pay Campillo his purse, claiming that Campillo didn't get the necessary drug testing.  Sounds like sour grapes, if you ask me.  Campillo has protested with the sanctioning body to have Shumenov's promotional license stripped.  Hopefully Campillo can actually get paid soon. 

James Kirkland's Life Behind Bars | Boxingscene

A look into how James Kirkland is doing while serving time in Texas.  Unfortunately, no interview with Kirkland himself. 

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