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Undefeated Champions: The Calderon-Mayol PPV pre-show

Three shows are available on American TV this Saturday night:

  1. Mikkel Kessler v. Gusmyr Perdomo and Andre Ward v. Shelby Pudwill on Showtime, which Bad Left Hook will be covering
  2. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. v. Jason LeHoullier in another one of Bob Arum's $40 Chavez exhibitions
  3. Ivan Calderon v. Rodel Mayol II, also on PPV for $30 and available on for $9.95 if your TV provider isn't carrying this show (which mine isn't)

If the Showtime show wasn't there, I'd be ordering Calderon-Mayol personally. Much bigger fight, much more important, and with a decent undercard to boot. Here's the PPV pre-show for the card if you are considering it.

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