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Tyson Fury beats John McDermott via highly controversial decision

Much of the reaction to giant English heavyweight prospect Tyson Fury's decision win over John McDermott for the English title has been, well, furious. Referee Terry O'Connor is being roundly criticized for his 98-92 card that gave Fury the victory. You may remember O'Connor from the Calzaghe-Manfredo fight.

From Sporting Life:

The giant 21-year-old was awarded the bout 98-92 by referee Terry O'Connor, a verdict that left many at ringside stunned.

McDermott was certainly surprised by the outcome having believed he had been the better fighter throughout the gruelling 10-rounder.


Afterwards both fighters insisted they would be happy to have a re-match.

"I deserved it - I worked very hard for that," Fury told Sky Sports. "John McDermott was a lot harder than I thought he'd be, all credit to him.

"But I thought I worked the harder throughout the fight and I deserved to win. If he wants a re-match, let's get it on. I will stop him next time."

McDermott and his corner felt he was comfortably ahead and clearly deserved the victory, and his promoter Frank Maloney wasn't mincing words:

"Going into the last round my corner told me 'John, you're at least four rounds in front'. I thought the last round was level...I thought I nicked it," he said.

"What have I got to do to win it? I'm a nice gentle guy, he's the one with the big mouth and I've been penalised for it. I'll have a re-match."

His promoter, Frank Maloney, certainly pulled no punches in his appraisal of referee O'Connor's performance.

"I'm sure I will be called up before the (British Boxing) Board for my behaviour but Terry O'Connor is a disgrace to British boxing for what he's done here tonight," he added.

"Why do I want to be in the business when you're getting robbed? At least Dick Turpin has a mask on when he robs you."

Further reaction from Ron Lewis:

Controversy seems to follow O'Connor around. There was his rather dubious handling of the first Danny Williams-Matt Skelton fight, the Joe Calzaghe-Peter Manfredo stoppage. It must be a tough to referee two big guys like that and score, but I have no idea how he came up with his scorecard. 

Like most people I know, I thought Fury would win, and, like most, I thought McDermott did, although by not as big a margin as most people I spoke to. McDermott was just the cleaner puncher throughout, he was the smarter, landed the better shots and generally outworked Fury, who cuffed a bit much for me. Around the middle rounds, I thought he could stop Fury, but the big Mancunian came back well near the end - I gave him the last two rounds.

I have not seen the fight, but one friend of mine did, and his opinion (which I generally trust) was that the fight was closer, and that it was not the McDermott landslide some are making it out to be (which is echoed by Ron Lewis), but that McDermott did win, in his view.

Anyone catch the bout? Any thoughts?

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