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Saturday Night Results (Updated): Kessler, Ward, Calderon victorious

Only one unexpected result came out of a busy night, so let's just recap in simple, quick and dirty terms:

  • Mikkel Kessler stopped Gusmyl Perdomo in the fourth round in Denmark, retaining his WBA super middleweight title. Kessler's next fight with Andre Ward will be significantly tougher, and if it's not, it says a ton about Kessler. On that note...
  • Andre Ward easily dominated Shelby Pudwill en route to a third round stoppage in California. Pudwill came to fight, he was just massively outgunned against a far more talented foe. Ward actually asked the referee to stop the fight just before he did. He didn't want to keep drilling Shelby. Kinda classy, no?
  • Ivan Calderon won a seventh round technical split decision over Rodel Mayol in Puerto Rico after an accidental headbutt cut him.
  • Roman Martinez knocked out Feider Viloria in the ninth round to defend his title.
  • Nehomar Cermano again defeated Cristian Mijares, this time without controversy, to retain a bantamweight title. 
  • James Toney stopped Matthew Greer in the second. Toney was in shape, relatively. Toney apparently weighed in at a svelte (for James) 217 for the fight, the lowest he's weighed since beating Holyfield.
  • Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. blasted past Jason LeHoullier in the first round. It's really time for Chavez to stop coasting on daddy's name and step up in competition. Even the relatively limited John Duddy would be a respectable foe at this point. Chavez has already beaten enough cans and journeymen. He's 40-0-1 (30) at this point. Bob Arum can't get away with exploiting the Mexican PPV audience forever with this guy.
  • Alejandro Valdez appeared to have stopped Fernando Montiel in the third round of their 118-pound title bout, but ended up with a technical draw. In an action fight, Valdez was knocked down in the first round, but came back to score a knockdown in the second on a perfect uppercut, opening a gash on Montiel.  After the third round, Montiel's corner signaled to stop the fight, and the ref waived off the fight.  Valdez went crazy in the ring, believing he had won, but the ref called it a technical draw.  Valdez's team waited in the ring and kept questioning the decision, and after a while, the commission came to the conclusion that Valdez had actually won by third round TKO.  As of last night, this is what we thought the final result was, but since then, the commissioners back in Mexico City have changed the result back to a technical draw, despite pretty clear evidence that the cut was caused by a big punch from Valdez.  Although Valdez appears to have been robbed of a victory, this puts Valdez, now 21-3-3, back on the map.  It also makes Hozumi Hasegawa's destruction of Valdez look that much more impressive.
  • Z Gorres beat Cruz Carbajal via sixth round injury TKO.
  • Donnie Nietes retained a 105-pound title, beating Manuel Vargas via split decision.
  • Jose Luis Castillo knocked out Juan Urias in the second.
Additional comments from Brickhaus and Matt Miller.

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