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Mayweather-Marquez: Who ya got?

May_medium We're now just one week away from the super-hyped, super-discussed mega-fight between the returning Floyd Mayweather Jr., who "left" the sport in 2008 as the pound-for-pound king, and Mexican boxing king Juan Manuel Marquez. We're three episodes of "24/7" in, and we know some things:

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a nice guy (sometimes) who hands out sack lunches to the homeless
  • Juan Manuel Marquez drinks his own urine
  • Mayweather is (as of now) a -500 betting favorite, with Marquez a +300 underdog (according to Bodog)

We also know that Floyd and Marquez will have direct PPV competition from UFC 103, a card that excites the MMA diehards even without a big, blow-away main event (Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort headline the show). Mayweather, Dana White and a totally uninvolved Bob Arum have chimed in about this, and none of it has been particularly high-brow stuff.

We've heard that there's been trouble selling tickets, that the PPV buyrates may limp across the finish line instead of the arms-raised, victorious sprint that a Mayweather return to the ring theoretically should have brought, and that the fight wasn't moved from July 18 to September 19 entirely due to bumps and bruises on Floyd Jr. thanks to tough training.

And we'll have more on the fight all week long, leading up to Bad Left Hook's live results and commentary on Saturday night, but since I doubt there are many people that haven't decided, let's get a poll going: Who's gonna win, and how?

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