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Mandatory Eight Count - The Calm Before the Storm

Big John McDermott beat Tyson Fury on most people's cards - other than the referee's.  via <a href="">The Guardian</a>
Big John McDermott beat Tyson Fury on most people's cards - other than the referee's. via The Guardian

BBoC looking into Fury-McDermott result | BBC

Good for the British Boxing Board of Control.  It's a bit silly that they still have a lone referee judge national championship bouts, but then to have a result come out that was by all accounts very clearly wrong means that there's something to be looked into.  Hopefully the result will be to have referees stop judging the matches, since they're pretty much in the worst position to actually judge the matches.  At worst, the referee should get a reprimand and some unpaid time off.

Bradley-Peterson moving | Boxingscene

Timothy Bradley's mandatory against Mayweather sparring partner Lamont Peterson has been moved to December 12, to avoid going head to head with Pavlik-Williams.  Also on the undercard, Vic Darchinyan faces Tomas Rojas, who isn't in Darchinyan's class but who makes exciting fights.

The Mayweather clan, so happy together | Las Vegas Sun

We've been seeing it on 24/7, but the Mayweather clan is legitimately in the best shape they've been in for a long, long time.  A lot of this is being attributed to Floyd Sr. mellowing out, and the fact that they're all working on defeating a common opponent.  (Includes video)

Shumenov and Campillo agree to rematch | FFbox

After some back and forth, filing lawsuits, allegations of doping, nonpayment of a purse and other drama, it appears that what Beibut Shumenov was looking for all along was a rematch, and he's likely to get it in January.  I assume this means he's paying Campillo his purse.  It's not a bad move for Campillo - he already beat Shumenov once in his backyard, and since he's such a big draw in Kazakhstan and Campillo still holds the belt, it's probably about as big of a purse as he'll get anywhere.  The news release says they're shooting for a fight in Vegas, but I'll believe it when I see it.  (Link in French)

Enzo Maccaranelli still mulling retirement | This is South Wales

Not that long ago, Enzo was considered the #2 or #3 cruiserweight in the world, despite a dearth of quality opposition.  Since then, he's lost his title to Ola Afolabi, and then was defeated by prospect Denis Lebedev.  With a recent baby, he says he's been training a bit, but hasn't made a decision as to whether he'll continue fighting.  I suspect he'll keep going.  He should be a regional attraction and make a decent living even if he never becomes a world level fighter again.

The flood away from Universum continues | Boxingscene

The most recent defector is Wladimir Sidorenko.  Sergei Dzinziruk has already left the promoter, and Felix Sturm and Zsolt Erdei have both made loud noises to leave the promoter.  Together with the coup of putting together the Super Six and getting Mikkel Kessler, Sauerland is quickly becoming the premier German promoter, after about 25 years of dominance by Universum. 

Vasyl Lomachenko dominates in winning world championship | Kyiv Post

Usually I shy away from amateur boxing news (it really is a completely different sport from pro boxing), but this one's worth a mention because Lomachenko may well be the best pro prospect in the world today, even though he has yet to go pro.  His opponent was the winner of the 2007 world championships, yet Lomachenko won 12-1.  He decided not to go pro after the Olympics, but hopefully he'll reconsider now that he's won a world championship.  The kid has a good style for the pros, but also all of the skills you expect out of a top amateur.  I expect him to become one of the big names in boxing in the upcoming decade.

Think Mikkel Kessler is a draw in Denmark? | Fightnews

Kessler-Perdomo, the first Kessler fight not to be on Danish PPV for a while, pulled in a 72% market share in the country.  That means a country about the size and population of Maryland had more people watching that boxing match than all of America watched Pacquiao-Hatton.

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