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Israel Vazquez taking softer touch than originally believed

Returning ex-junior featherweight world champion Israel Vazquez won't be facing Al Seeger, as previously believed by many (including yours truly), but instead will face a much softer touch in Angel Antonio Priolo.

Vazquez (43-4, 31 KO) hasn't fought since his March 1, 2008 classic against Rafael Marquez, which Vazquez unbelievably won with a last-minute knockdown of his great rival. He's undergone eye surgeries since then and simply let his war wounds heal after three straight grueling fights with Marquez, and though he's coming back heavier at 126 pounds, no one is really quite sure what exactly to expect of the great warrior. Will he ever really be the same?

Seeger (28-4, 22 KO) has lost to most of the best fighters he's been matched against, but he's a guy who can punch and it seemed a somewhat dangerous proposition for as unsure a return to action as Vazquez's is on paper.

On the other hand, the Colombian Priolo (30-7, 20 KO) has lost his last six fights and been knocked out in five of them, and he's been stopped six times overall. You also have to take into account the weight at which this fight will be fought, assumedly at 126 or perhaps a couple pounds higher. Priolo's highest fighting weight has been 118.

Look, you can't blame Izzy and his team for being cautious. Best-versus-best, I don't think there's any question that Vazquez beats Seeger, but it's impossible to tell where Vazquez is at as a fighter until he gets in there and does something. I do know that Priolo won't exactly be a test to see if Vazquez is ready for a fourth Marquez fight, which both of them want, so maybe Seeger could fight Vazquez after that. You never know.

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