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Mayweather-Marquez: Weigh-In Today at 5:30 PM ET

(Photo by Will Hart, <a href=""></a>(
(Photo by Will Hart, will offer live coverage of the Mayweather-Marquez weigh-in in Las Vegas today at 5:30 PM ET, and Bad Left Hook will be watching to get those weights up immediately following both fighters' trips to the scale. So if you're at work at that time or anything else that prevents you from watching, we're on it for you. is also offering live coverage of the weigh-in, so if the HBO stream winds up being weird (which has been my experience at times in the past), you've got an alternative.

Note: The weights will be posted here immediately as they happen in the comments of this post, and after everything is in, a new story will go up on the front page.

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