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Judah continues to dig his own grave, turns down another Mosley offer

Despite the fact that he left co-promoter Golden Boy hanging along with Mayweather Promotions by pulling out of the September 19 card on short notice, word around boxing on Tuesday was that Golden Boy was interested in matching Judah with WBA welterweight titlist Shane Mosley in December.

Judah has turned the fight down according to's Rick Reeno. You likely recall that Judah bailed on a May 31, 2008 PPV date with Mosley because of an arm injury, rumored to be caused by Judah attacking a shower door after an argument with his father, Yoel.

The call came for another crack, and this is Judah's side of it:

"Richard Schaefer and Shelly Finkel called my dad. They offered $500,000 and 5% of the pay-per-view. Are they crazy?"

Yeah, are they crazy?! Judah's a hot commodity! He's backed out of fights with Matthew Hatton and Antonio Diaz this year! He hasn't beaten a good opponent since 2005! HBO barely cares about him anymore! Everything's turnin' up Zab, and these cats come to him with a crazy low offer like this!

"They can suck a d**k, preferably an HIV d**k. I don't fight HGH patients. No disrespect to Shane, I'm only going by what his ex-wife told me, the fight will never happen."

You stay classy, Zab Judah. Also I don't think he understands what "no disrespect" means. The last part is a reference to Jin Mosley telling Zab last year that he'd never get another shot at Mosley.

"And with those numbers, the fight will never happen. That goes to show you the market value of Mosley. They went from $1.5 [million] to $500 [thousand]. I wonder what Mosley's getting. He's probably not even getting a million."

This is the world that Judah lives in. He thinks that because they offered him $500K, it means Mosley must be taking a low money offer, too, which is insane. HBO may have a tight budget right now, but Mosley is going to get his money, because he's actually done something in the last half decade.

What it REALLY goes to show you is the market value of Zab Judah, which is kaput. Crapped out. Done. He lives on Fantasy Island at this point.

I also will say that I'm disappointed that Golden Boy and Mosley would even give Judah the opportunity, even with a bare minimum offer. Zab Judah deserves to be left out of the loop at this point. He ducked Matthew Hatton, decided last-minute that Antonio Diaz wasn't worthy of him (while at the same time saying he plans to take two tune-up fights before '09 is out), and -- again -- has not won a big fight since 2005, and it's not like we're talking about a big drawing card here.

And I'm also HIGHLY disappointed with HBO and Golden Boy if both or either of them actually think a Mosley-Judah fight is a PPV fight. People laughed with disgust at this fight being offered on PPV in May 2008, and the economy hasn't exactly gotten better since then. Mosley-Judah is not a PPV fight unless the price tag is $29.95 or under, and at that point, what's the use?

At this point, all Judah seems to really want is attention. He's getting it, but there is such a thing as bad press.

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