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Poll: What do you want to see Mayweather do next?

ESPN's Teddy Atlas says it's gotta be Manny Pacquiao next for Floyd:

But how about you? Here's what we know.

Manny-pacquiao-darts_medium Manny Pacquiao: He has to get by a stiff challenge from Miguel Cotto on November 14, and THEN they'd have to agree on a revenue split (Mayweather taking 50-50 seems unlikely to many, including myself, and Manny taking anything less than that is probably just as unlikely). We also know this: If Pacquiao beats Cotto, particularly if it's a no-doubt sort of win, this is the fight in boxing. Period. There's also the ongoing bad feelings between Floyd and Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, but if the money could be sorted out, I don't think there's a real question that Floyd and Bob could do business again.

Shane Mosley: Mosley wants it. Bad. Thing is, Mayweather-Mosley almost happened a few years ago, and it was Shane that was blamed for it not going through. This fight has been a "dream match" sort of thing for a long, long time, and while now it might not be what it once might have been, I think it's still an outstanding fight. This is another fight with a potential split problem. Mosley is very proud and doesn't want to hear the numbers about him not being much of a draw, which I again say is a shame given how great a career he's had and how good of a fighter he still is. But would Shane take something like 65-35 Mayweather? Something close to that (60-40 at the very lowest) is what Floyd would want.

Miguel Cotto: If Cotto beats Pacquiao, then this might be the fight. An impressive Cotto win over Pacquiao almost surely trumps what Mayweather did against Marquez, even given how dominant Floyd was. Cotto's Puerto Rican fanbase also promises more overall money than Mosley does, probably, plus Miguel's profile would get a huge boost with a win over Manny.

And to be perfectly honest with no disrespect to anyone else, these are the only three acceptable opponents. If I were to make a guess, I think it'll be Shane, maybe in February or March, or later than that if Floyd waits to see how Cotto-Pacquiao plays out. If Shane can land a Floyd fight and payday, waiting around to fight might not bother him too much, the way it is now that his December 26 HBO card is not happening.

Given that a pick for Pacquiao or Cotto would depend on them winning in November, I assume, I'll just make the poll read "Cotto-Pacquiao Winner" instead of an option for one of the two of them.

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