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Ricky Hatton focusing on promoting, could fight Marquez

Ricky Hatton has told the Daily Mail that he's looking to get his promotional company going, and that he thinks he can be Britain's biggest promoter, supplanting the likes of Frank Warren and Frank Maloney. It would seem Hatton is at a disadvantage from the start simply by not being called Frank.

He also isn't sure he'll ever want to fight again:

'You've got to really want to do it and I don't really have that at the minute. It's starting to be hard work. Once I've had a break from it, whether it's six months, nine months or 12 months, I might start getting twitchy and think I'll give it another go.

'But if I'm going to come back I've got to want to do it, not because everyone expects me to.

'It might never come. I might never wake up and feel like doing it again. I love this game more than anything in the world and, in a while I might start getting twitchy.'

I still expect we'll see Ricky fight at least once more, perhaps a farewell bout in Manchester or London. Hatton has been mentioned in recent weeks as a potential opponent for Juan Diaz, and he also said that if Juan Manuel Marquez had beaten Floyd Mayweather, he would have liked to have fought Marquez. Is that still a possibility? Marquez was asked about it last night after the fight, and he said he wanted to take some time away before he makes any decisions. I don't know that we'll see Ricky fight a Diaz or Marquez level fighter if he does come back, but maybe he'd surprise us. When there was talk that he'd fight in November, those weren't the type of names being mentioned to be sure.

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