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Sergiy Dzinziruk wants the big fights

Andrey Krikunov reports at (originally reported by Blick) that 154-pound titlist Sergiy Dzinziruk is looking to fight some of the bigger American names in his division, or even move up a weight class for a shot at middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik. He wonders why he's being ignored:

"It doesn’t matter to me who I fight, Paul Williams or Kermit Cintron," claims the Ukrainian boxer. "To tell you the truth I get sick when I hear about the American champions. I’ve been a champion since 2005. For all this time none of them wanted to meet me in the ring. Now the IBF word title belongs to the American Cory Spinks. I’m ready to fight him. I’m also willing to fight Kelly Pavlik in his own division. I’m sure that I will beat any of them. Only for some reason I’m not given an opportunity to meet them. Probably they are afraid for their records – they don’t want to make their defeat statistics worse."

Dzinziruk is currently in the middle of a bitter attempt to split with his promoter, Universum, meaning he's probably not going to be fighting anybody any time soon. Universum isn't as keen to let Dzinziruk walk as he is to get walking. He also says he'll be talking with American promoters. It seems he's serious about wanting to come to the States and try to make these fights, but frankly he's just going to have to accept that he's an absolute no-name to everyone but the hardcore American fans. He's a really solid boxer and would give anyone he mentions some real trouble, but he's likely not on the radar for any of them at the moment. There was a lot of talk that Paul Williams might have gone overseas to take him on, but then Williams landed a bigger fight with Pavlik. And even if, say, Cory Spinks were to be willing to fight Sergiy, again, it's not likely to happen any time soon thanks to the rift with Universum.

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